Flood Insurance in Victorville, CA

Safeguarding Residents and Business Owners in the Victor Valley Region from Flood Damage

When it rains, it pours - especially in the Victor Valley. Desert flash flooding and conditions that result in flooding are ever-changing and often unexpected. Even if your home or business property hasn’t been touched by flood damage in the past, it doesn’t mean the risk isn’t within reach.


At Dan Smith Insurance Agency Inc., we counter potential flood disasters with a proactive punch. Working in stride with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP), which is administered through the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), we have the opportunity to secure affordable insurance protection for property owners in Victorville and surrounding communities. Through this program, we can identify locations of high flood risk, and tailor policies based on these report from FEMA. In all, the procedure we enact mitigates risk, while staying within budget constraints.

An Umbrella of Flood Insurance Coverage

The effects of flooding can be felt anywhere; however, certain areas may be deemed more exposed to damaging scenarios. As local agents, we’re skilled at determining your level of risk. It’s a common misconception among home and business property owners that areas of low to moderate risk don’t need encompassing flood insurance coverage. The fact remains, anyone can be financially vulnerable to flooding. Whether you’re in a high-risk flood zone requiring coverage through a federal mandate or own a desire to voluntarily invest in flood insurance, agents will partner with you to map a plan.


For clients local to our agency, there is no minimum requirement for flood insurance coverage. We can insure dwellings for a maximum of $250,000 and personal assets through $100,000 with the NFIP. The NFIP was originally developed by FEMA to counter the rising cost of taxpayer funded flood relief. Since its development, three main components of the NFIP have emerged: flood insurance, floodplain management, and flood hazard mapping. 


We often discover clients prefer acquiring flood insurance from the same agent that houses their homeowners or business insurance policy. Our agents are available to discuss a wide-range of coverages, and have the expertise to pair flood insurance with the variety of selections available.


We’re committed to designing a policy based on your requirements and budget restraints. To learn more about the options obtainable through our flood insurance program, contact our agency at your convenience.

Agents Experienced in Preparing for Disaster

Each flood insurance policy we write is designed to protect fellow community members from the financial burdens associated with natural disasters. As residents of the Victor Valley region ourselves, we acknowledge the needs of our neighbors and fellow business owners. 


Every step of our procedure is rooted in one-on-one communication between agents and clients. Whether filing a claim or reviewing a policy, we’ll be present to guide you through the process. Agents are always accessible to answer questions and continuously educate you on the most fitting flood coverage.


If you’re ready to put up an umbrella of flood insurance protection, feel free to request a quote.

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At Dan Smith Insurance Agency, Inc., we’re proud to provide flood insurance coverage in Victorville, Apple Valley, Hesperia, Lucerne Valley, Oak Hills, and Phelan, CA. We’re licensed to serve California, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Utah, and Texas. 

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