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Dan Smith Insurance Agency 

Specialized Home, Auto and Business Insurance In Victorville, CA 

We’re a privately owned and operated agency that delivers comprehensive insurance and risk management solutions in Victorville, California and Southern California.  For almost a century, we’ve served individuals, families, and businesses with broad and flexible products and personalized services and we’re completely committed to giving each client the best insurance experience possible. 


We’ve grown over our nearly-100-year tenure in The Golden State and we continue to grow.  This growth enables us to service wider and more diverse groups of people and enterprises and gives us opportunities to use our local knowledge to help clients stay secure.


As a partner of a number of different carriers, we offer a wide variety of personal and commercial insurance programs.  Among our personal programs are home and auto.

Home and Auto Insurance

For Southern California drivers and homeowners, insurance is essential.  It protects against unnecessary financial losses and keeps individuals compliant.  Our home and auto insurance programs are expansive and adaptable and we custom-tailor packages through these two programs to the needs of individual clients.  We’ll tailor a package to you and this package will give you the best value.  You can save money and time by combining home and auto insurance, and we’ll be happy to make this combination for you.  See our home & auto page and/or contact an agent for more information on this combination.



Business Insurance 

Central California has a bustling and vast business community, and for enterprises within this community, protection against loss is critical.  Our business coverage program provides any enterprises within this community and other communities a base of coverage that protects fully and offers protection at minimal costs.  Within this program are policies like commercial general liability (CGL) and business owners policies (BOPs) and others.  We have special programs for specific industries like contracting and farming as well. 


We take the commercial health of the communities we serve very seriously, and to ensure this health we provide the best business insurance packages we can.  However, there is more we do to ensure the commercial health of our service communities and the social health of these communities also.  We involve ourselves in local events and activities and we work closely with organizations that make the areas we serve better places to live and work.

Community Involvement 

We’re a member of the Victorville Chamber of Commerce and we work closely with other businesses in Central California.  We also sponsor and support and participate in local charities, festivals, shows and other events that celebrate the communities we serve.  Our work with organizations and businesses in our service areas and our involvement with events in these areas help us contribute to the socio-economic health of the areas and help us get to better know the people and organizations that we serve.  As a result, we‘re better insurers.

Our  Agency and Getting in Touch 

We think of ourselves as consultants and advisers as well as insurers.  We assess clients’ needs in great depth and identify coverages to meet them needs.  As soon as we pick the right coverage we create optimal packages that give clients the best protection for minimal costs.  We monitor policies and stay in touch regularly with clients.  This way, we ensure that coverages are current and that rates are appropriate.


We manage risk and claims and we keep clients informed.   If laws change or if trends in insurance or other areas related to clients’ lives and/or policies change, we let clients know.  Overall, our dedication to giving clients the best, most full and easy insurance experiences dictates that we stay involved with our clients throughout the lives of policies and that our involvement is complete and productive.


Please contact us or give us a call to lean more.  You can also request a quote if you’re ready to start on a policy.


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Our Providers


We have had Dan Smith Insurance for years and we highly recommend them to everyone!
Chery Shumate
It is a great service to be able to pick up the phone & add or delete insurance items
Pam Hill
I have been very pleased with our relationship. Very good service.
Clifton Houzlow
As a long time customer I've never had to worry if I'm getting the best coverage. Thanks for the great service!
Denise Collins
I have been insured with you for many years. I am very happy with the people I have had to talk to and when I needed you, the services provided.
Lori Miller
I got into my first accident in 20 years and had no idea what to do next. I called my agent and she helped me through the whole process. I felt like she was really in my corner helping to get my car repaired as quickly as possible. I would highly recommend their agency to anyone.
Richard Catt
Your service has always been great. Your staff is very helpful! Thanks
John & Karen K.
I love my agent! She knows my policy up and down and is always available when I need to speak to her.
Deanna M.
agents always very helpful
Lois Roseberry
I never have to worry about missing a payment. Their billing department gives me a call with a friendly reminder. They are just great.
Colette V.
Even though I live in Idaho, Dan Smith Insurance and their companies are always available by phone or email. They take care of my home, auto and motorcycle no matter the time of day.
Breanne Shaw
I am so glad my agent keeps my policy updated. She added full coverage glass, so when I had a large crack in my windshield it was replaced without a deductible. Thanks Dan Smith Insurance!
Jamie Carrillo

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